Q&A: The Year of Dan Palace

This interview was originally published on the now-absent website Indie Bookworm, hosted/written by Cathy Murray. It’s short. Enjoy! P.S.  If you’re interested in receiving a copy of The Year of Dan Palace for review or interview purposes, let me know!  – Kristen   ∞ Why did you write The Year of Dan Palace? When we … Read more

Self-Publishing “Lacks the Cool Factor”? But, Hasn’t Independence Always Been Cool?

Note: This post was originally published at my old website location, but my opinions haven’t changed, so I moved it here. I don’t know whether Edan Lepucki’s opinions have changed.- K In “Kill the First Novel? Are You Insane?” I responded to author Edan Lepucki’s decision to semi-permanently put away her first novel after it … Read more

The comparison game

Once upon a time, when Pretty Much True was Homefront and published under my own name, I was talking with the guys on GI Radio and was reminded of one of the awkward – and difficult, really – aspects of sitting at home while someone you love is deployed. In your mind, you’re comparing hardships. … Read more

Sure, we can kill off the people we don’t like. But it’s just as much fun to give everlasting life to those we like.

One day, when Ian and I still lived near Nashville, he needed a sudden favor  that involved my taking an impromptu trip to Fort Campbell, KY, about a 45-minute drive. I had an early copy of Pretty Much True I wanted to bring to the Clarksville cabstand dispatcher, known in the book as “Shellie.” (Her … Read more

Writing for the readers: A short story

__________________ * __________________ “No ideas?” “Oh,” he thumbed his mug handle, “I have ideas.” “Well, then. There you go. Write them.” “Can’t.” “Why not?” “Because. What’s the point?” “What do you mean?” “I mean,” he said, “what’s the point? I start writing a paragraph, or I imagine a scene, and I just stop. I think, … Read more

Posted: 5On with Leora Skolkin-Smith

Leora Skolkin-Smith, author of Edges and Hystera and contributing editor to readysteadybook.com, answers five questions about writing and five questions about publishing at JaneFriedman.com. . What is failure? That it sells only a few copies and doesn’t get review coverage? . . . Kristen TsetsiKristen Tsetsi is the author of the post-Roe v. Wade novel … Read more

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