As I get closer to an agent hunt with a new book, I’m also once again considering the self-publishing option if the response from agents is one that suggests, as it did with my last project, that it’s reader-ready (“Love it, but hard to market” versus “This is terrible. Please burn it.”). If I self-publish, […]

Everyone probably has their own way of going about writing a book, but I bet there’s a fairly common series of steps. 1. The Writing Journal Practically essential (for those who are into writing journals, anyway) for initial ideas and ongoing notes. I can’t have enough of these things. The one above has about 1/3 […]

Once upon a time, I went to school at Minnesota State University Moorhead (MN). Actually, I spent seven years at that school. After receiving my BA at year four, I hyperventilated for about a month because What the hell am I going to do with a BA?? Ohhhh….I know–I’ll just stay in school. Get my […]

(Cross-posted at Backword Books) UK-based Essential Writers editor Judy Darley interviewed me recently about writing, Homefront, and – inadvertently – Backword Books. Have I mentioned that while I hate, hate, hate being in front of people and talking about anything remotely “me,” I looooove answering interview questions via email? And what an absolute honor to […]