Pretty Much True…, recently featured on Faith Middleton’s Book Show (NPR), is free on Kindle this weekend. I’m a fan of free things. And if you are, too, pick up a free copy of Pretty Much True…! (Live in the UK? Here’s yours.) Promotion ends Sunday, Feb. 24. I hope you’ll take advantage! I’ll be […]


Bethanne Patrick, in a recent editorial for The Daily Beast, asks that we take a moment to step away from the characters in the forefront of the General Petraeus cheating scandal (characters include Petraeus, his former sex partner Paula Broadwell, socialite [I can’t believe that’s an actual title] Jill Kelley, and General John Allen) to remember Petraeus’ wife, Holly Petraeus.

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I just found this in a file while doing a search for something somewhat related. After spending so much time with Pretty Much True…, there are actually times, now, I can’t remember whether something in the book happened only in the book, or whether it’s a real memory.

A lot of Pretty Much True… rings true because I used my experience to guide the fiction, but now and then I’ll be reminded of just how many little pieces of reality also became Mia’s reality. The following true (real true, not pretty much true) account was saved as a file called “guest post,” but I don’t remember who it was for or whether it was ever sent: Continue reading

muscle man and pmt

I just wrote something very close to the following (it’s been very lightly edited for blog-worthiness) in a personal email and thought it was worth sharing here.

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Jeremy should have died. One of my issues with the show “Army Wives” is that, as the only show on TV exploring the complexity of being married to someone in the military during war-time, it often fails to take advantage of its unique opportunity to really explore that complexity. In “Army Wives,” the lighting is […]

Lifetime’s Desperation could kill its cash cow, “Army Wives” As Lifetime Network’s “Army Wives” is picked up for a third season, hailed for its accurate depictions of the lives of women living on an Army post, it might be unpopular to label the show as one lacking in accuracy and frantically clutching at dramatic straws. […]

I should have anticipated this entry would not be well received by some military spouses. My friend, who is married to a man in the Air Force, warned me. As did Ian (the husband about to re-enter the military). “Yeah, sure, the essay ends well…but that first part…I don’t know. People might not see past […]