Childfree Conversation

When I began writing about my own *childfree experience(s) with the hope of combating the judgment and pressure (most often) women receive for not wanting to be mothers, it was under my own name.

I realized after some time that trying to write and market non-fiction and fiction at the same time was too confusing, if done under a single identity. (It also made sense to develop a unique “brand,” I thought.)

So I created Sylvia D. Lucas (and for any childfree writing. Under that name I also published a short, little nonfiction humor book, No Children, No Guilt. Currently, I’m one of the three founding non-mothers, with Isabel and LeNora, of the Childfree Girls series and podcast.

But first came the blog, and here are some of the more frequently read Sylvia D. Lucas posts:

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*”Childfree” as a term is preferable to “childless” for those who don’t want children. It communicates that the lack of children is a choice rather than the unfortunate circumstance often experienced by those who want children but, for one reason or another, can’t or don’t have them.

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