As I get closer to an agent hunt with a new book, I’m also once again considering the self-publishing option if the response from agents is one that suggests, as it did with my last project, that it’s reader-ready (“Love it, but hard to market” versus “This is terrible. Please burn it.”). If I self-publish, […]

Hannah Goodman, Sucker Literary founder

Hannah Goodman, Sucker Literary founder

I know Hannah Goodman in a few different capacities: Hannah as a reader, Hannah as a truly funny person I hope will continue to contribute to Inside the Writers’ Studio episodes (catch Hannah awkwardly trying to explain her choice of reading materials in the IWS episode “Writing Advice from Real Writers“), and Hannah as an author of young adult fiction.

I recently read the first two of the three available books in her Maddie Hickman series (My Sister’s Wedding, My Summer Vacation, and Fear of Falling) and was reminded of how much I loved reading YA when I was young enough to fill in the little check boxes on the order forms the teachers would hand out in school (Apple books, anyone?). I’d missed that excitement, but reading Goodman’s stories brought it all back. Continue reading

Originally published in the Journal Inquirer Monday, June 24
By Kristen J. Tsetsi

Lauren Sandler, photo courtesy of the author

Lauren Sandler, photo courtesy of the author

In the online feedback section of a Daily Mail excerpt of Lauren Sandler’s new book One and Only (Simon & Schuster), one reader manages to fit just about all of the negative assumptions about parents of only children into a single comment: “Talk about being stupidly selfish. Kids need to grow up with kids. Having just one child is bad for that child.” Continue reading

Pretty Much True… is now available. It can be ordered from your local bookstore, or you can find it online at most online bookstores, including Amazon (where it’s also available on Kindle).

I couldn’t be more excited, and more honored, to be published by Missouri Breaks Press. Pretty Much True… has had a few years of Continue reading

Ian Thomas Healy, the busiest and most entertaining writer I believe I’ll ever know, releases a new book today. You’ll probably want to read it.

Tell me about your latest book.

The Archmage is a sequel to the novel Just Cause, starring the super-speedy Mustang Sally along with the rest of the Just Cause superhero team. Continue reading

An email arrived in my inbox yesterday from one of my editors at the paper.

“This is what writing has come to,” the email said. Pasted in the body was Continue reading

Yes, Dad, I know it’s blurry. Who doesn’t look good in blur?

I’m so excited about the Sept. 4 release of Pretty Much True…that I can’t wait – I have to give away a couple of copies, and exactly a month before the release seems like the perfect time.

Continue reading