Farewell, foul word

A pre-mortem eulogy . Banned from dictionaries ‘til as late as ’69, Its birth forever shrouded in the myst’ry gauze of time— It is perhaps Germanic, or bequeathed by Scotts, or Swedes— The Word of Words, our giant, drags forth, bleeding, on its knees.   Outlawed in print in England, once, and, too, in our … Read more

Poet K.C. Hanson on his new book, the Marine Corps + the arts, and the difficulty of publishing poetry

Don’t know much about poetry. I studied it in high school and college the way most people do in high school and college, but I never developed the same feel for it that I did for fiction, whether reading or writing. I can make a rhyme, choose a good word here and there, and technically … Read more