A friend told me I was being too “journalistic” when answering interview questions about
Pretty Much True… .

“You wrote a fictional story in which the characters and actions were different but the feelings and the fear were the same. Get PERSONAL.”

I never wanted to do that before, because I wanted to emphasize that the overall feeling of the experience, not my experience but the experience, was what was important. But she made me see that one experience, the story, wouldn’t exist without the other, the reality. Continue reading

Homefront was recently reviewed at Kindle Obsessed, and I’d like to thank “Mrs. Kindle”  very much for taking the time, as well as the interest. A snip from the review: I was in no way prepared for what I read…It’s hard to image [sic] what it feels like to watch a loved one go off […]

And in honor of Read an eBook Week, Carol’s Aquarium and Homefront are both free at Smashwords March 3 – 17. Books are available on Smashwords in a variety of formats for the many different e-readers being used, but if you don’t have an e-reader and instead use your computer, there’s a format for that, […]

I don’t use “white trash” in conversation, don’t generally label people, or groups of people, or see them in such a one-dimensional way, but I have to use “white trash” here because I understand the way it’s used, and what people think it is, and how they look at “those people”… and I appreciate the […]

It’s been a long time since I’ve taken the time to sit around and read. In high school I always had a book. Always. I would read while I walked, while I ate, while a teacher lectured, and any time waiting was involved (for the bank teller, for the train, for an awkward moment to […]

Visit Backword Books to read Threshold author Bonnie Kozek’s fun and revealing interview with me, and to find out how you can win a signed copy of Homefront. CONTEST ENDS THURSDAY, OCT. 29. Some of the questions she asks: 1. The subject of military separation lends itself to gravity and heartache.  Yet, you’re funny.  And […]