Kristen J. Tsetsi, author under the name Chris Jane of the novels The Year of Dan Palace and Pretty Much True (originally published under her real name) and the short fiction collection 20 Short Stories, has been a cab driver, an adjunct English professor, a collection agent, a telemarketing trainer and QA rep., a town news reporter, columnist, and feature writer for a daily newspaper, a senior editor and assistant writer to a ghostwriter, an instructor of expressive writing, play writing, and screenwriting, and editor of the literary journal American Fiction (New Rivers Press).

5 On, Kristen’s series of interviews with writers and others in the publishing industry, does its best to provide a clear-lens picture of the writing life and appears at the writers’ and publishers’ resource website JaneFriedman.com.

Early work involved going door to door and offering to take out the neighbors’ trash for a nickel a bag. A great gig for a 6-year-old entrepreneur at a time when most opportunities for child workers had been criminalized by busybody grown-ups.

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