profile.Kristen Tsetsi is the author of the novel Pretty Much True and the short-story collection Carol’s Aquarium.

She is also a former reporter for the Journal Inquirer. The features (and occasional columns) she either had the most fun with or believes may help others are shared on this website under the category “Journal Inquirer Articles” and include “Medical marijuana: use it or lose it,” “Doc Severinsen: 85 and still dangerous,” “The emotional experience of organ donation,” and “Marriage and traumatic brain injuries: it can work.”

Kristen, who sometimes writes about the childfree perspective under the pseudonym Sylvia D. Lucas, is a former instructor of expressive writing, play writing, and screenwriting, and a former adjunct English professor. She was privileged to edit Volume 11 of American Fiction (judged by Clint McCown) and to co-edit Volume 12 (judged by Josip Novakovich).

PMTHer early job experiences, which began at the age of 14 as a cart pusher at the Heidelberg commissary in Germany, include grocery bagger, liquor store clerk, video store clerk, Stay  Puff Marshmallow Man, writing tutor, job coach, janitor, cab driver, and a ghostwriter’s editor and co-writer.

When not working or writing and filming scenes for “Inside the Writers’ Studio,” a comic-relief YouTube series for writers co-created and co-written (and brilliantly edited) by author R.J. Keller, she takes pictures of things and spends time with her husband.

Kristen met her husband when the two were both seniors attending a DoDDS high school in Heidelberg, Germany. After graduation, he moved to the southern US and she moved to the northern US. Eleven years and several short stories with him as the muse later (Carol’s Aquarium), they decided to be together. Three weeks after the decision was made he was off to Iraq, unwittingly inspiring her debut novel Pretty Much True

She is currently working on another novel and mastering the art of being terrible at painting. Contact: ktsetsi AT gmail DOT com