What would you do if you heard the world was ending (and you believed it)?

Among the many things happening in The Year of Dan Palace, one is an incidental love double-helix.

Strand 1: Nina loves Dan loves April.
Strand 2: Andy loves Jenny wants Dan.

In a typical love triangle, each of the participants somehow knows the other two. In the case of Nina, Dan, April, Andy, and Jenny, this isn’t always the case.

Nina and April have never met.
Neither have Jenny and April.

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A limerick on dying.

There once was a jeweler named Earl Whose fear was the end of the world. The pitchers of beer Worked to silence his fears ‘Til the night he drunk-choked on a pearl. Kristen TsetsiKristen Tsetsi is the author of the post-Roe v. Wade novel The Age of the Child, called “scathing social commentary” and “a … Read more

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