Cindy Betsinger graciously allowed me to re-post her story here.  “Honorable Discharge” was first published in 5th Story Review.  Enjoy. HONORABLE DISCHARGE I only had three more days to spend with them, my son, Jeremy, and his family, when he received orders for deployment.  It wasn’t that unexpected, but the timing could have been better. […]

Seasonal Tourists They came in from the cold shaking snow from heavy winter jackets, most of them thick, bright, and down-filled. The tourists to the ski town wore their colors like peacock feathers, lures drawing mates to the café at the bottom of the slopes for a cup of coffee, hot chocolate, or a promise […]

According to Microsoft Word, I wrote this in 2004 and titled it “True Intimacy.” Can I ask you a question, he says, and I tell him he can as long as it isn’t personal, and as long as it doesn’t require more than a one-word answer.  He’s asked me enough and I’ve told him enough, […]

Another piece that originally appeared at Six Sentences: . “Killing people is an art, he said” . Jenny, drunk, slid to her knees and clutched and groped at his thighs, her chin raised so that she could look up into his face. “You’re embarrassing me,” he said, and he apologized to the other couple still […]

In the spirit of this month and all of its Halloween-y-ness, I thought I’d post the story that, thus far, has given me the most writing fun. (It’s quite possible I’ll post it every year, unless I write something else having anything to do with Halloween.) “Becoming an Oates Girl,” 599 words and one of […]

[The following originally appeared in Six Sentences] . THERAPEUTIC WRITING IS FOR JOURNALS I certainly don’t like the stories about the critically ill, no – not in the New Yorker or the Sun Magazine, not in the web ‘zines you find on the internet, not in Reader’s Digest. Trite, the descriptions of tubes and programmable […]

I have a feeling there’ll be some disagreement from the Editor community that a collection of short stories should be a haphazard free-for-all, but that’s why indie publishing is so great. (Don’t get me wrong. I wouldn’t not jump all over a traditional publishing deal and all of its benefits. But, if indie publishing has […]