Since offering a free coupon code for Homefront (featured, at left, in the December issue of Military Spouse Magazine, but by no means  meant only for the military spouse), I’ve received a number of emails of request from people who have been given Kindles for Christmas (what a great gift!). Thank you, sincerely, for your […]

During this almost-abstention from the internet during a writing/revising period, it only makes sense to post a heartfelt thank you to those who have bought (or found) and read Homefront, Carol’s Aquarium, or anything else I’ve ever written. I’m not one of those writers who would be content to put in the work just to […]

Several authors – including a bunch of Backword Books authors – will be on Book Chatter tomorrow (Friday) night at 9 PM EST to talk about our books, writing, publishing, to answer questions from readers, etc. You can watch the show live over the internet here: Or, too, you can call in to the […]

This is going to be a short one. There’s no reason to ramble on about things when all you want to do is say thank you. And I really, really want to say thank you. To anyone and everyone who has bought and/or read Homefront. To those who took the time after reading it to […]

Here’s what it’s for. (And I’m pulling bits and pieces from the Backword Books site because it’s already been written by Henry Baum, and if it ain’t broke…) In short, we’re a unique collective  that has yet to be done on any large scale, using a medium that is losing stigma and gaining credibility. There […]