So much, in fact, that she contacted us (“us” being RJ Keller and myself) for an interview, and it’s difficult for us to adequately express our gratitude. We hope “Thank you so so so so much!” communicates it. From Ms. Leavitt’s bio (with the third-person pov tossed in by us):  Caroline Leavitt is the award […]

The Red Room, on its main page, features a rotating collection of populars and favorites. This week, “Inside the Writers’ Studio” is its featured video, and Kel and I couldn’t be more excited. Thanks, Red Room! Catch episodes of “Inside the Writers’ Studio” at… 1. the Paper Rats blog 2. the Paper Rats YouTube channel […]

(IWS stands for “Inside the Writers’ Studio”…I’m hoping it’ll catch on, because it takes a lot less time to type.) While Episode III gets wrapped up, we thought we’d release a little blooper compilation. Enjoy!

The American Psychological Association estimates that each year thousands of writers suffer from delusions of inflated worth, knowledge, and identity. In our latest episode of Inside The Writers Studio, we visit one such author, R.J. Keller, as she is interviewed by a hair-obsessed reporter.

“Raving Reviews” Fellow Backword Books author RJ Keller and I are both working on writing projects. It seems this is what we do when we’re “writing.”