My hard-hitting, super duper, ultra-informative interview with award-winning author (and super-promoter) Carolyn Howard-Johnson is now live at the Self-Publishing Review. Also, Phyllis Zimbler Miller, founder of and author of Mrs. Lieutenant (a finalist in the 2008 Amazon Breakthrough Novel competition), generously invited me to guest blog at her site. Here’s a snip: When my […]

The winner of the contest to win a signed copy of Homefront is Shannon Kinney – congratulations, Shannon! (If you missed the contest and the interview introducing it, you can still find it here.) Thanks to everyone who entered – it was a lot of fun to answer your questions. More great interviews will follow […]

Visit Backword Books to read Threshold author Bonnie Kozek’s fun and revealing interview with me, and to find out how you can win a signed copy of Homefront. CONTEST ENDS THURSDAY, OCT. 29. Some of the questions she asks: 1. The subject of military separation lends itself to gravity and heartache.  Yet, you’re funny.  And […]

Look for instructions about how to win Henry Baum’s novel, The American Book of the Dead, at the end of my interview with him at Backword Books. It is the easiest contest ever.

I recently had the pleasure of interviewing Henry Baum (interview to post tomorrow, the 16th) about his new book, The American Book of the Dead. The interview is one that does not approach him from the perspective of a writer or someone interested in the literary elements and yadda yadda yadda, but from the perspective […]

Several authors – including a bunch of Backword Books authors – will be on Book Chatter tomorrow (Friday) night at 9 PM EST to talk about our books, writing, publishing, to answer questions from readers, etc. You can watch the show live over the internet here: Or, too, you can call in to the […]

The Frothy Monkey was crowded with coffee drinkers, 90% of them on laptops. (One table had three people sitting at it, all with identical white laptops. I guessed they were taking some kind of computer training  class.) My particular strain of social anxiety disorder (self-diagnosed) makes walking into crowded rooms a nice test of psychological […]