Sure, we can kill off the people we don’t like. But it’s just as much fun to give everlasting life to those we like.

One day, when Ian and I still lived near Nashville, he needed a sudden favor  that involved my taking an impromptu trip to Fort Campbell, KY, about a 45-minute drive. I had an early copy of Pretty Much True I wanted to bring to the Clarksville cabstand dispatcher, known in the book as “Shellie.” (Her … Read more

The day my uncle met J.D. Salinger

My uncle *Harry, who lives about twenty minutes south of Cornish, NH, says a lot of famous people – oddly – come through the very small town he lives in. (I say “oddly” because it’s not really advertised with road signs, and after turning off Interstate 91, you’d have to be looking for his town … Read more

Books vs. eBooks

I understand the appeal of e-readers. Seriously. However, I have read only one full book using a Kindle (or Kindle app). That was because I wanted to read it NOW. When it comes to e-readers, I like the idea of the immediacy. And I can appreciate the volume of books they hold, the ease of … Read more

Medical marijuana: use it or lose it

Originally published in the Journal Inquirer Thursday, Dec. 27, 2012 By Kristen J. Tsetsi A few years ago, someone very close to me was in the ICU in an induced coma so he could heal after having his insides pulled from his body, cleansed of lethal toxins and bacteria, and returned to the cavity following … Read more

Branford Marsalis: Keepin’ it real

Originally published in the Journal Inquirer Jan. 31, 2013 By Kristen J. Tsetsi There are many typically-asked questions that won’t elicit typical responses from three-time Grammy Award-winning saxophonist Branford Marsalis. In a 2010 interview posted on YouTube, for example, Marsalis recalls being asked by a reporter in Holland what he’d like to say to his … Read more