Thanks, Caroline!

About two weeks ago, Caroline Leavitt (whose new novel Pictures of You will release this November) – a huge fan of the Inside the Writers Studio videos – allowed RJ Keller and me some space on her blog to answer questions about our writing. Thank you, Caroline! Keller and I discuss NyQuil, literary drinking games, […]

Red Room’s featured video? “Inside the Writers’ Studio”!

The Red Room, on its main page, features a rotating collection of populars and favorites. This week, “Inside the Writers’ Studio” is its featured video, and Kel and I couldn’t be more excited. Thanks, Red Room! Catch episodes of “Inside the Writers’ Studio” at… 1. the Paper Rats blog 2. the Paper Rats YouTube channel […]

“Inside the Writers’ Studio” the post of the week at Red Room

The Red Room is I guess what you’d call — wait a minute. I’ll just let it describe what it is (“If it ain’t broke…”): Red Room ( is the online home of many of the world’s greatest writers (some of whom haven’t even been discovered yet). We provide our members and authors with elegant, […]


Which writing-related topic should be addressed in the next Inside the Writers’ Studio episode? One of your suggestions WILL be chosen. R.J. Keller and I have a second episode in production, but we’d like your ideas for upcoming episodes. The only rule is that the topic be related to the writing world (writing, publishing, writers […]