The nonfiction behind the fiction of Pretty Much True…

A friend told me I was being too “journalistic” when answering interview questions about Pretty Much True… . “You wrote a fictional story in which the characters and actions were different but the feelings and the fear were the same. Get PERSONAL.” I never wanted to do that before, because I wanted to emphasize that […]

Caroline Leavitt loves Paper Rats!

So much, in fact, that she contacted us (“us” being RJ Keller and myself) for an interview, and it’s difficult for us to adequately express our gratitude. We hope “Thank you so so so so much!” communicates it. From Ms. Leavitt’s bio (with the third-person pov tossed in by us):  Caroline Leavitt is the award […]


Which writing-related topic should be addressed in the next Inside the Writers’ Studio episode? One of your suggestions WILL be chosen. R.J. Keller and I have a second episode in production, but we’d like your ideas for upcoming episodes. The only rule is that the topic be related to the writing world (writing, publishing, writers […]

Operation eBook Drop

Author Edward Patterson, whose books are available on Kindle, had the fantastic idea to provide free ebooks to deployed service members. So far, this many authors have signed up and are donating their books: Maria E Schneider Kristen Tsetsi L.K. Campbell Elmore Haimes E.J. Ruek Leslie Nicholl Jim Chambers Kelly Abbell Chuck Austen (Illustrator) Willam […]

Our new trailer! And an announcement.

Several authors – including a bunch of Backword Books authors – will be on Book Chatter tomorrow (Friday) night at 9 PM EST to talk about our books, writing, publishing, to answer questions from readers, etc. You can watch the show live over the internet here: Or, too, you can call in to the […]