The books not getting Dan Brown coverage…

…can be tricky to find out about because, well, they’re not getting that coverage. But there’s a blog site I discovered yesterday that can make finding something to read much, much easier. A number of books you may be interested in, and that are being favorably reviewed, appear in  The New Book Review, blogged by […]

The worst-read writer

It’s been a long time since I’ve taken the time to sit around and read. In high school I always had a book. Always. I would read while I walked, while I ate, while a teacher lectured, and any time waiting was involved (for the bank teller, for the train, for an awkward moment to […]

More dangerous to authors: reviewers, or themselves?

An exciting debate sparked by a negative book review has been taking place over at the Self-Publishing Review. In short: Reviewer doesn’t like book. Supporters of said book read the review and then leave comments questioning the reviewer’s authority and/or credentials and/or ability to write a review, period. They follow their questions with high praise […]

Operation eBook Drop

Author Edward Patterson, whose books are available on Kindle, had the fantastic idea to provide free ebooks to deployed service members. So far, this many authors have signed up and are donating their books: Maria E Schneider Kristen Tsetsi L.K. Campbell Elmore Haimes E.J. Ruek Leslie Nicholl Jim Chambers Kelly Abbell Chuck Austen (Illustrator) Willam […]

What are you doing tonight?

Because there promises to be some good conversation at Stacey Cochran’s BookChatter at, say, 9PM EDT. You can watch the show live over the internet here: Or, too, you can call in to the show’s line if you just want to listen. The phone # to call in is: (914) 803-4571 But you are […]