Interview with “Haunted” author Reggie Lutz

Reggie Lutz is one of those people whose feed you look forward to when scrolling absently through Facebook. Her updates are engaging and off the wall, and seemingly effortless in a social media world that I’ve learned requires a certain kind of savvy that doesn’t come naturally to everyone. She also writes beautifully – her […]

Fiction by a female =/= “uplifting” or “inspirational” (AND: free ebook today)

Before I get to promoting the Kindle book giveaway you see to the left (happening today because the war that inspired it began on today’s date in 2003), I’d like to respond to something I read in a recent review of that book. Writers are rightly warned about responding to reviews. Whether someone liked or […]

YA? Y, yes! An interview with YA author and YA journal editor Hannah R. Goodman

I know Hannah Goodman in a few different capacities: Hannah as a reader, Hannah as a truly funny person I hope will continue to contribute to Inside the Writers’ Studio episodes (catch Hannah awkwardly trying to explain her choice of reading materials in the IWS episode “Writing Advice from Real Writers“), and Hannah as an […]

The nonfiction behind the fiction of Pretty Much True…

A friend told me I was being too “journalistic” when answering interview questions about Pretty Much True… . “You wrote a fictional story in which the characters and actions were different but the feelings and the fear were the same. Get PERSONAL.” I never wanted to do that before, because I wanted to emphasize that […]

The things you forgot you put into your fiction…

I just found this in a file while doing a search for something somewhat related. After spending so much time with Pretty Much True…, there are actually times, now, I can’t remember whether something in the book happened only in the book, or whether it’s a real memory. A lot of Pretty Much True… rings […]