The nonfiction behind the fiction of Pretty Much True…

A friend told me I was being too “journalistic” when answering interview questions about Pretty Much True… . “You wrote a fictional story in which the characters and actions were different but the feelings and the fear were the same. Get PERSONAL.” I never wanted to do that before, because I wanted to emphasize that […]

Craig Lancaster Discusses His New Story Collection, “Quantum Physics and the Art of Departure”

Craig Lancaster’s short story collection, Quantum Physics and the Art of Departure, releases today. I invited Craig to contribute a guest post so you can learn a little bit about the book & then head over to order a copy. – Kris QUANTUM PHYSICS AND THE ART OF OVERCOMING DESPAIR by Craig Lancaster

Self-Publishing “Lacks the Cool Factor”? But, Hasn’t Independence Always Been Cool?

A few weeks ago, in “Kill the First Novel? Are You Insane?” I responded to Edan Lepucki’s decision to semi-permanently put away her first novel after it received a series of rejections. In her piece, Lepucki touches on self-publishing as a possibility and then quickly dismisses it as an option (for her). This week, in […]