20 Short Stories

War, jealousy, mortality, marriage, rejection, idealized love versus real love, and one prison visit.

This collection of short and flash fiction features three original stories and seventeen that were previously published in print or online literary journals. Includes award-winning and Pushcart Prize-nominated fiction.


The Year of Dan Palace

In the final minutes before the New Year, Dan Palace musters the courage he desperately needs to embark on a quest to find the “something” he's been missing, along with the love of his ex-wife, who has hated him since their wedding night nine years before.


Pretty Much True

Professor-turned-cab driver Mia Sharpe, while sinking into the numbing fear that she’ll never see her war fighting soul mate again, befriends a Vietnam veteran and a few bad habits as her once normal life becomes an exercise in long-distance relationship management, friendship avoidance, “couples” party handling, and war protest etiquette.