A limerick for prey.

There once was a man named Tuck Who carried a gun in his truck. He’d shoot it at melons Ignorin’ the yellin’ Of hunters out tryin’ to kill ducks.

Interview with “Good Ole Tom” Tinney

Originally published in the Journal Inquirer by Kristen J. Tsetsi When Good Ole Tom’s owner Tom Tinney travels between residences in Florida, Arizona, and Connecticut, he doesn’t fly. He has a nice car, he said, and he enjoys being in it. In late February he’s due to return to Connecticut from Arizona to tend to some business at his East …

RJ Keller Talks Second-Novel Blues and Pie

I had so much fun interviewing RJ Keller about The Wendy House (working title) before that I thought I’d do it again. (Admittedly, I might have been finding a passive-aggressive way to say, “Hurry up and finish so I can read it!”) Q: Let’s just dive right in, shall we? I, like many, have been

Former Random House Author Self-Publishes Thriller that Views 9/11 from New Perspective

As self-publishing becomes an increasingly popular option for writers of all kinds (the good and the not so good, those who have tried the agent route and those who haven’t), there are those who continue to cling – and probably will for some time – to the idea that self-publishing is an avenue for the author whose work just isn’t …