I suck; therefore, it’s fun: Session 2 (& 3)

I spend a lot of time – probably too much time – on Facebook. On the good days, it’s funny, educational, and even enlightening (thanks to links to funny, educational, and enlightening things). But then there are days like Friday, when the feed is a seemingly never-ending stream of the kind of doom that’s enough […]

Who needs an editor? “Everybody,” says editor Jim Thomsen (Q&A)

As I get closer to an agent hunt with a new book, I’m also once again considering the self-publishing option if the response from agents is one that suggests, as it did with my last project, that it’s reader-ready (“Love it, but hard to market” versus “This is terrible. Please burn it.”). If I self-publish, […]

Q&A with Thought Catalog’s recent target of female ire

A Thought Catalog list showed up in my feed a few days ago:12 Things Girls Are Embarrassed Of That They Should Be. I clicked on the link because the woman who shared it on Facebook prefaced the piece with the following: FYI, women deal with this shit every. single. day. As much as many of […]