The Daily Show, Jennifer Aniston, and Bird Poop

Last year, Ian and I managed to snag tickets to the Daily Show using their online reservation calendar. (I say “managed to snag” because it isn’t easy. You have to be lucky to catch an open date.) We had just returned to Connecticut after living in Tennessee for a year when one of our friends […]

TIME’S next person of the year (hear me out).

I want to nominate TIME’s next person of the year, but are regular, everyday people who read the magazine afforded that opportunity? My nomination would be the American Military, but TIME has already recognized The American Fighting-Man (1950) and The American Soldier (2003), and they’re not likely to do it again. So, I choose the […]

The popular dead guy across the street.

Last winter, I moved into a house across the street from a cemetery. Not sort-of across the street, as in, down the road and across the street, but immediately across the street. If-I-press-the-gas-too-hard-when-backing-out-of-the-driveway,-I’ll-end-up-desecrating-someone’s-grave across the street. As someone who likes to avoid all things death, yet who simultaneously spends an inordinate amount of time thinking […]

Former Counterterrorism Director Richard Clarke explains why the US attacked Iraq

It’s one thing to have heard talk of something, but it’s another to hear it said in this way by a person who was in the room at the time. Thank goodness for DVR, which made rewinding and transcribing (and pausing to type and pausing to type) not only easier, but possible.  The exact words […]