“Homefront” giveaway winner!

[cross-posted at Backword Books]

Last week, Heather J. at “Age 30+…A Lifetime of Books” (a book review blog, whose review of Homefront can be found here) allowed me space for a guest post introducing Backword Books and inviting her readers to participate in a Homefront giveaway.

Heather’s rules:

  • Leave a comment with your thoughts on Backword Books’ authors collective – what do you think of their approach? Did any of their books catch your eye? A simple “enter me!” won’t get you in.
  • I’ll choose the winner on Friday morning (8/14) so be sure to get your comment posted before then.

A number of Heather’s readers expressed interest (in the comments section of that post) in a variety of our books, and we’re hoping they (and you) subscribe to our blog feed so you don’t miss our upcoming giveaways. I promise – they’re coming soon.

The winner of the contest was Lit and Life, chosen randomly with some widget/gadget Heather uses. Nice technique! Congratulations to Lit and Life, whose copy of Homefront was mailed yesterday.

– Kristen

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